The East Wind Project

The East Wind Project

We want to build community and empower individuals. Over the past 40 years our country has been through a time that has left many of us disconnected from our politicians and left out of opportunities. The major parties are not responsive to the needs of our communities. We recognize many undemocratic and illiberal trends in both parties. We have decided to take matters into our own hands.

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Welcome to the first step in building a better community. Together we will help elect local candidates willing to talk to voters, collect concerns, and use that information in their decision making instead of relying on party ideology or what donors demand.

Borough and Township officials and School boards are the starting point. Each candidate talking to their community and listening. We are actively looking for candidates for 2019. If you are a possible candidate, contact us to set up a meeting. We will help you learn about the election process, raise money, get volunteers, and campaign.

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You may not want to be a candidate but every candidate needs a few volunteers to help them talk to voters, collect data, discuss issues with and brainstorm. We are looking for individuals who are tired of politicians that get swallowed up by the system. People who are tired of ideological politicians who put the office and donors before the community. Can you be a voice for the community?

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Our most pressing need is for your time but we also need donations. Would you help us with a one time donation or a monthly donation to help us reach out to more communities and empower new leaders?

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Local Issues and Concerns

The second step is learning about issues in our communities. Sharing ideas with each other and with the candidates. We host a monthly meeting where we listen to concerns, brainstorm ideas and raise awareness to action that could be taken. Join us at one of our monthly meetings to make your voice heard.

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If you don't have time to attend a meeting or have a scheduling conflict, we still want your feedback. Complete our monthly survey and we will share it with our candidates as well as during meetings.


You are the key

Thank you for participating. We feel it is critical with the direction of both major political parties to strengthen our local bonds and stay connected.

About Us

We started as a group of new friends, connected by the 2016 elections. From there we continued to meet, learn and take action. We would love to share our story with you. We hope you will become a part of it as well.

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Where can you help? Look over our list of candidate events. Join us at a social event or monthly meeting. Get the details on our events page


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